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The pubicalyx is known for some of the coolest blooms in the Hoya family and its delightful freckles that, like a sun-kissed face, increase in number and prominence with more light exposure!

An understated vining plant at first glance, what the Hoya family is really known for are their baseball-sized clusters of velvety, fragrant blooms. Super low-maintenance but high reward, Hoyas are sought-after by experienced collectors and novices alike. The pubicalyx is one of the fastest-growing varieties, with freckle-like variegation on spear-shaped leaves.

They want plenty of bright light, and can handle a bit of direct morning sun- an eastern exposure is ideal. The more light you give them, the more likely they are to flower. Let the soil dry out almost completely between waterings. Give these guys something to climb on and they go nuts!

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