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Wolf Pachacuti



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100% Canadian Beeswax + true cotton wick + pure essential oils. Hand-poured with intention + magic.  30+ hr burn time- 4.0 oz. 

For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. Be careful when handling candle while burning. Keep away from reach of children and pets.


LEVITATE: Lemongrass + Frankincense | When things get hard remember to levitate and rise above it all. Light this candle and bring awareness to the power to harness change. 

EVOLVE: Everything is occurring in perfect timing. Clear any blockages regarding time and patience. This candle has been programmed with intentions, magic.  Candles are 100% Canadian Beeswax.

GUT SOLAR PLEXUS: Attract the confidence to explore the unknown, trust your instincts. Remove solar plexus blockages.  When the solar plexus chakra is opened we feel optimized, and empowered. When it's not we can feel insecure, shameful or unworthy. 

MONEY: Attract money, luck and abundance. This candle has been programmed with intentions, magic. 

SAFE SPACE: The crown chakra is what connect us to our higher power. Safe Space removes blockages associated with spirituality, connection, and bliss. When this chakra is balanced we feel absolute in our purpose and experience inner bliss.

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