We love raffles! We see them as a more equitable way for everyone in our community to participate at the chance of winning a really special plant. With raffles there is no constant checking your bid or setting your timer to catch the end of an auction and no max bidder who went way over your plant budget.

We will have 1-2 raffles going at a time.  Each raffle has a listed start and end date for which customers can purchase tickets. 

There is no limit on the number of tickets a customer can purchase. Tickets can be purchased on our website anytime or in-store.  Purchasing 1 quantity is the same as purchasing 1 ticket.  Ticket sales end at 5PM PST on the final day of the raffle and a winner will be drawn later that evening (usually at 6:30pm PST.) All ticket sales will be entered into an online randomizer program which will select the winner for us. Drawings are held on our IG live feed at approximately 6:30pm the night of the drawing. 

We will get in touch with the winner of the drawing to coordinate shipping/pickup. If a shipping fee is listed on the product page, we will send you an invoice for the fee. Your invoice must be paid before shipping your order.

All shipped orders will be meticulously packed and shipped with tracking.

That's it. We love you boo.