BUNK is the shop of our dreams, the one we really want to shop at. A shop where crude humor is appreciated and always good hearted. We've broken through the typical mold, this place is PG13.

We stock rare, specialty plants (the ones that really get our nerdy hearts thumping) as well as our standard favorites that served as good plant gateways when we were first building our own collections. Of course, there are pots too - funky weirdos and basic B's. We strive to be the local go-to for plant supplies, care, and bug-killing needs. 

Bunk believes in community; local and our greater plant and human communities globally. Whenever possible, we buy direct from small makers, source from established growers (whom we have worked with for years, and can vouch for their industry practices), and build upon these connections. 

Our pricing is based on industry standards, but whenever possible, we try to bring you the best plants at the lowest costs. We know that quality plants, especially rare varieties, can have exclusive price tags and our raffles are a way of breaking the economic barrier that excludes so many from growing their collections.

Read more about Raffles here.